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Square Feet ארבע אמות של הלכה

Donation Opportunity: “Sponsor a Square Foot”

We invite you to sponsor a square foot of this sacred space. By contributing to this initiative, you will not only be supporting the physical construction but also becoming a vital partner in the spiritual growth of our Makom Torah U’Tefillah. Your sponsorship will be recognized in a special way, immortalizing your commitment to Torah, Tefillah, education, and community development.

Number of Square Feet $260 for a Square feet
  • Make every minute on the field count ⚾

    We are announcing a campaign to bolster our local youth sports team, comprised of enthusiastic youngsters aged 8-12. Your support will enable us to update their uniforms, provide essential supplies, ensure a safe playing environment, and offer security measures on the field. Additionally, your contributions will go towards accommodations for parents and teachers, fostering a supportive community atmosphere where these young athletes can thrive. Join us in nurturing the next generation of athletes, empowering them with the resources and encou...

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